How Much Can I Save?

 In Refinancing your Mortgage

Want to know how much you can save by refinancing your current mortgage?  

Here’s how to find out.

There are four main ways you can save money by refinancing your current mortgage.  They are:

  • Keep the same term (length of the mortgage), but get a lower rate than you currently have.
  • Take some cash out of the equity you have built up in your house and pay off high-interest rate credit cards.
  • Drop the mortgage insurance you are currently paying.
  • Shorten the term of your loan.  You will probably pay more each month, but the long-term savings could be huge.

If you would like to know how much you can save by refinancing (some of our clients are saving more than a thousand dollars each month, and some are saving more than $100,000 over the life of their loan), contact us and we can let you know.  

It won’t cost you anything and only takes a few minutes of your time.

All we need to get started is a copy of your current mortgage statement and the declarations page from your homeowner’s insurance policy, showing the insurance premium and the renewal date.  You can call us, email us, or text us.  

If you are thinking of purchasing a house, you will need to be pre-approved for a mortgage before a real estate agent can submit an offer to a seller for you.  Call us, email us, or text us if you need a pre-approval.  Just like a refinance pre-approval, there is no cost to you and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

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