How to Opt Out of Calls from Lenders

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Did you know that it’s perfectly legal for the credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) to sell your information to creditors (banks, credit card companies, etc.)?  Banks and other creditors can buy your information when you apply for a loan.  The credit bureaus sell them your information, and then the lenders start to call you, trying to get your business.  

Want to stop all those calls?  Here’s how to do it.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (the law that governs credit reporting) allows creditors to buy your information and contact you to try to get your business.  The same law also requires the credit bureaus to give you an opportunity to opt out.  If you opt out, your name is not allowed to go on those lists, and creditors won’t legally be allowed to hassle you with unwanted solicitations. 

Go to this site to opt out:  It’s easy to do and it’s free.  If you opt out by using the website, it’s good for 5 years.  If you want to opt out permanently, you need to do so in writing.  All the information needed to opt out is available on the website.

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