What Kind of Loans Do We Offer?

Listed below are some of the more common types of loans that we provide.  When we pre-approve you for a mortgage, we discuss your goals to make sure we are recommending the best possible loan for your particular situation.

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COVID-19 Mortgage Update

Considering how many coronavirus emails everyone is receiving these days, we will get right to the point. If your’re looking for information on how COVID-19 will affect your mortgage, here’s what we and our lending partners are doing to make things as easy as possible.   COVID-19 Mortgage Update This list will grow, I am sure, […]

Will Rates Go Even Lower?

Many people call us to refinance their mortgage, and the one thing just about everyone asks is whether interest rates will go even lower than they are now.   Here’s what you need to know. Interest Rates Mortgage interest rates typically follow the US Treasury bond yield, which is the interest rate you get when you […]

Do Not Miss This Refinance Opportunity

We are in a unique situation in the mortgage industry at the moment.  Interest rates are at an all-time low. Coronavirus is panicking the financial world, and that causes investors to dump their money into bonds, which are much more stable investments than stocks.  As the demand for bonds increases, the interest that is paid […]

Coronavirus and Mortgage Rates

You may have seen stories online, on TV, or in the newspaper about the spread of coronavirus causing mortgage interest rates to go down.  Ever wonder how a disease could make mortgage rates drop? Here’s what you need to know. How are Mortgage Rates Determined? Mortgage rates in the US are determined by the demand […]

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