What Kind of Loans Do We Offer?

Listed below are some of the more common types of loans that we provide.  When we pre-approve you for a mortgage, we discuss your goals to make sure we are recommending the best possible loan for your particular situation.

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Mortgage Unhappiness

The only thing we do for a living is sell mortgages, and naturally, we talk to a lot of people about mortgages.  One thing we have noticed over the years is that many people are unhappy with the mortgage they currently have.  Here are the main reasons people are unhappy with the mortgage they have, and […]

Leverage your Mortgage and Improve your Finances

If you own a house in the Denver area, you probably have some equity built up in that house.  House values have gone up for years and they continue to go up, with no end in sight.  You can leverage your mortgage and improve your financial picture. As a homeowner, you are making money, but […]

You Can Have More than One VA Loan

If you are a veteran or in the active military, Reserves, or National Guard, you may qualify for a VA loan.  VA loans are the best option for anyone who qualifies for one. There is no down payment requirement, there is no mortgage insurance, and the rates are lower than they are for other types […]

Self-Employed Tax Returns

The underwriting guidelines for self-employed mortgage borrowers are different than they are for W2 employees.  Calculating W2 income is relatively straight forward. In most cases, your current W2 income is used to qualify for a loan.  However, self-employed borrowers (and anyone who receives a 1099 instead of a W2 at the end of the year […]

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